Light Antipasto Platter

We enjoyed a light and fresh antipasto dinner recently. I sliced up some fresh produce, fresh bread and delicious cheese; heated up some meatballs and garnished my platter with fresh watercress. We accompanied the antipasto platter with a couple of delicious wild greens and arugula salads, with freshly baked croutons, lemon juice and olive oil.
I picked up some of the great food treats at some of my favorite local spots in San Diego, and incorporated them into my antipasto platter. I purchased some great cheese at Venissimo in Mission Hills ( I bought a loaf of delicious fig and anise bread at Bread and Cie in Hillcrest ( I purchased some fresh produce at Chino Farms in Rancho Santa Fe. This is the easiest meal or appetizer! Something to consider if you have last minute guests over. Remember to keep it creative in the kitchen... and always "Cook Out Loud". Cheers ~ Danielle!

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