Cornish Game Hens with fresh herbs

Serves 4:
You'll need: 4 Cornish Game Hens (thawed, washed and patted dry), 8 sprigs of fresh rosemary, 16 fresh sage leaves, 2 lemons (quartered, reserve zest from 1 lemon and set aside), 1/2 cup Dani's sweet and savory sauce. Dani's Sweet and Savory Sauce: zest from 1 lemon, 6 Tbsp butter (melted), 2 tsp brown sugar, pinch of ground nutmeg, 2 Tbsp breadcrumbs (finely ground), 1 Tbsp crushed garlic
How to prepeare: Place 2 pieces of lemon wedges, 2 sprigs of rosemary and 4 sage leaves inside the cavity of each game hen. Close up the cavity (leg over leg) with butcher's string. Continue wrapping the butcher's string around and over the hen, enveloping the wings, legs and cavity tightly against the body of the hen. Mix all the sauce ingredients together in a separate bowl. Brush the sauce generously over the outside of each hen. Note, prior to tying up the hen, you can add some of the sauce under the breast skin to add more moistness, and then tie it up. Place the hens on a large baking dish in a 350 degree F oven for 60-75 min. Note, check it at 1 hr. If it registers 160 degrees in the thickest part of the meat, remove from oven and let rest for 5 min. Check again, as meat should be 165 degrees F before eating. If it's not, place back in oven for another 10-15 min.

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