Gluten Free Tortillas

Our three year old loves to help make these tortillas. They are fun, creative and delicious.
Makes 16 Tortillas
Takes about 30 minutes total
You'll Need: 2 cups Maseca, extra 1/4 to 1/2 cup Maseca for work surface and kneading, 1/3 cup almond meal (or you can use 1/3 cup regular flour if you are ok with gluten), 1/2 tsp kosher salt, 1 tsp Mexican oregano, 1/4 tsp organic cinnamon, 1.5 cups warm water, food color gels

How to Prepare: Using a large preparation
bowl, stir together all the dry ingredients. Turn your faucet to hot and let it run for a few seconds. Once it becomes warm, fill a liquid measuring cup to 1.5 cups. Add the water to the dry ingredients. Using a wooden spoon, stir the dough together until it binds together. Line a smooth work surface with extra maseca and knead the dough for 4 minutes, sprinkling in extra maseca as needed to obtain a nice, smooth texture. Add more maseca to work surface as needed. Let dough rest for 5 minutes. Using your thumb, push 4-5 indents into the dough. Add a small bit of food color gel to each indent. Knead the dough for another minute to incorporate the food gel colors into the dough. Cut the dough
ball in half. Cut each half into 8 similar shaped wedges, resulting in a total of 16 wedges. Transfer these wedges between 2 damp cloths (so they don't dry out). Working with one dough wedge at a time, shape a wedge into a little ball. Place the dough ball onto a plastic lined* tortilla press. Press down until it is flat. Gently peel off the tortilla. Toss between your two hands to lighten the dough. Place directly onto a heated comal for about 1 minute and then using a spatula, flip the tortilla and let it heat on the comal for one more minute on the other side. Note, prior to heating the comal, spray it lightly with olive oil
spray (spray it prior to heating the first tortilla only). Transfer the heated tortilla to a towel lined tortilla warmer. Continue with the rest of the tortilla wedges in this manner until you have 16 tortillas. Note, you can fit 2-3 tortillas on the comal at a time. Enjoy tortillas with cheese as quesadillas or with slow braised meat and cheese and veggies, as little tacos.

* You can cut a plastic ziplock bag so that each of the two tortilla press plates are lined with plastic. This will avoid the dough from sticking to the tortilla press. This also provides easy clean up.

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