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Jalapeno, Pancetta, Turkey Burgers
TurChicken Burgers
Mushroom, Blue Cheese Burgers
Salmon Burger on Puff Pastry
Chicken Salad Sandwich Sensation
Garlic, Lamb Pita Burgers
Greek Italian Sandwich
Salad Toast Snack
Garlic Greek Burger
Salmon Bagel with an Edge

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Go on a fun Picnic. Why not eat gourmet on a picnic? I like to cook & prepare gourmet snacks with a gourmet sandwich. Go somewhere quiet with a nice view...good company... good food... (and maybe a football) "Cook-out-loud".
Eat Outdoors: It's so fun to eat outside on a gorgeous day (which is so common in So.CA). Light a citranella candle if bugs are around. Celebrate the spring and summer months... by spending more time outside during meals.