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- Watermelon-Basil Sauce with Fruit
- Pineapple Banana Bread
- Vegetable Frittata
- Heart Healthy Oatmeal with a Flair

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Coming Soon: Easy to make Omelettes!

Host a breakfast Party! Invite friends over for a "brunch party". Create a great egg dish, w/ some sweet stuff too. Enjoy mimosas and creative coffee drinks. Have a theme, ie. "everyone wears pajamas" while listening to 80's favorites. We should embrace each moment! Don't you want to wake up tomorrow and say "yesterday rocked".
Make Fresh Squeezed OJ: I used to think that fresh squeezed OJ was only for those w/ an unlimited discretionary budget. Not anymore. I buy a 5 pound bag of oranges at my local farmers market for $5. I use an inexpensive juicer that I bought at WalMart for $12. I enjoy fresh orange juice and fresh lemon/lime juice in no time at all. The freshness enhances my recipes. Cook-out-loud!
Nature Inspired Recipes: Look out at a beautiful view and let it inspire your cooking... For instance, this gorgeous view from my friend's backyard, inspires me to make a blueberry, mint smoothie.