Organic Banana Smoothies

My 2 year old daughter loves to help me make smoothies. We
have an incredibly safe blender. It's smaller than average so we blend the smoothie up in batches, when we are making a large quantity. If you are using a regular size blender, everything will fit in one batch.

Makes 4 servings

You'll Need: 2 large organic frozen bananas (peels removed), 2 tsp organic local honey, 2 cups 2% low fat organic milk, pinch of freshly grated nutmeg*, pinch ground cinnamon

Optional: add a pinch of organic edible lavender
(it's delicious)

How to Prepare: Combine everything in your blender. Blend until the bananas and ingredients have come together into a smooth mixture. If little hands are helping, be careful to protect them from the blade at all times. Pour the smoothie into serving cups and enjoy.

* Use a microplane zester to zest about 5-7 grates of fresh nutmeg.

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