Reindeer Food

4 year old, Chef Izabella, (aka: Chef Izzy) demonstrates how to easily make reindeer food, to ensure that Santa's reindeer find your house on Christmas Eve, on your YouTube channel: Cook Out Loud Sprinkle the reindeer food on your lawn and Santa and his reindeer will surely find your home.

For Reindeer Consumption Only.

Makes 10-12 Reindeer gift bag portions

You'll Need: 4 cups dried oats, 1-2 Tbsp gold or silver edible glitter (usually a sugar or sprinkle you can buy online), 1-2 Tbsp edible sprinkles (red or green), 1-2 Tbsp brown chocolate sprinkles, 10 small ziplock bags, medium preparation bowl, spatula, small preparation bowl (to insert bags into for easy filling); optional, add 1/2 tsp cinnamon or all-spice.

How to prepare reindeer food: Using a spoon or spatula, gently stir all ingredients together in a medium preparation bowl until combined. Open plastic bags and fit the each bag into a small preparation bowl (you can do this step one bag at a time). Fold the bag over the edges of the bowl so you can easily scoop 3 Tbsp of mixture into each bag. Seal the bag, removing air as you do. Print out your choice of reindeer food artwork labels. Fold bag a couple times at sealed seam. Staple label over seam of bag (3 staples should be fine). Add a gift label to the back of the bag and share with friends. Or just set your bag aside and have it ready for Christmas Eve night. Sprinkle the reindeer food on your lawn or walkway, so Santa's reindeer know how to find your house. Make it fun and vary it up for your kids!

My girlfriend gave me this Santa label last year. You can make your own, or download a label of your choice off the internet. Or use any festive artwork that you'd like. Artwork should be about the width of a small ziplock bag.

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